Extension of the Talk Submissions Period for EuroPython 2008

The original deadline for submitting talk proposals for EuroPython 2008 passed on Thursday, and so far we’ve had quite a few submissions. We would, however, like to see a few more! So, we have now decided to give all potential submitters some more time to put together proposals and send them in for consideration. As always, the EuroPython organisers realise that the deadlines we’ve set aren’t always compatible with everyone’s personal schedule.

What this means is that anyone who had considered making a talk proposal but then found themselves short of time before last Thursday can now aim for the new deadline of Monday 2nd June – there’s even a weekend before the deadline for anyone needing “quiet time” to sketch out their proposal! Remember that we’re only looking for proposals at this point, not the entire talk or materials, although we obviously expect those things to be ready for the conference. 😉

Take a look at the Call for Participation for all the details:


Or go straight to the page for talk submissions:


We look forward to seeing your proposals!


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