Thanks for Participating in EuroPython!

EuroPython 2008 is now over, and most of those of you who participated will either be home or be heading home from Vilnius. The conference seemed to go rather well, and I’d like to thank everyone who attended and made it such a great event. I’d also like to thank those who helped in some way with the organising. Taking a risk of naming names, here’s a long list of people who made the organising work a bit easier through taking part:

Aistė Kesminaitė (for bringing EuroPython to Vilnius), Jacob Hallén and Laura Creighton (for being the stewards of EuroPython), John Pinner (for bearing much of the administrative and technical load), Christian Scholz (the man behind all the audiovisual and Open Space/barcamp initiatives), Thomas Waldmann (for helping us with the Wiki), Zachary Voase (for the EuroPython logo), Dinu Gherman (for the badge designs), Carsten Rebbien, Lennart Regebro, Marius Gedminas, Dalius Dobravolskas, Žygimantas Bruzgys, Harald Armin Massa, Zeth Green, Alex Willmer, Ciaran Mooney, Nick Booker, Samuele Pedroni, Steve Alexander, Kit Blake, Christian Theune, Jonathan Fine, David Boddie, and some special local assistance from a somewhat reluctant organiser.

It’s very possible that someone has surely been forgotten in the above list. For that I apologise and promise to add any name that should have been there.

Thanks for supporting EuroPython!



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