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Couldn’t make it to EuroPython? Why not go to PyCon UK?!

This year’s EuroPython conference was a great success with lots of interesting talks and activities, but we accept that not everyone who wanted to go to Vilnius was able to set aside the time to make the journey. However, we realise that EuroPython isn’t the only Python conference in Europe, and we would very much like to encourage anyone who couldn’t make it to EuroPython (and even anyone who did make it!) to participate in the other regional conferences.

With this in mind, another Python conference is rapidly approaching, and if you liked the EuroPython schedule and either wanted to go but couldn’t, or if you liked what you saw at EuroPython and were left wanting for more, why not make the journey to PyCon UK, taking place in Birmingham, England next month:

There are some familiar figures from EuroPython in the schedule already, as well as some other well-known names from the Python and Free Software communities. PyCon UK is also at the weekend – Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th September (with Friday 12th as a tutorial day) – so you might not even need to take time off work to go!

The early registration deadline for PyCon UK is tomorrow – Monday 4th August – so act fast if you want a discount on your attendance fees!


Thanks for Participating in EuroPython!

EuroPython 2008 is now over, and most of those of you who participated will either be home or be heading home from Vilnius. The conference seemed to go rather well, and I’d like to thank everyone who attended and made it such a great event. I’d also like to thank those who helped in some way with the organising. Taking a risk of naming names, here’s a long list of people who made the organising work a bit easier through taking part:

Aistė Kesminaitė (for bringing EuroPython to Vilnius), Jacob Hallén and Laura Creighton (for being the stewards of EuroPython), John Pinner (for bearing much of the administrative and technical load), Christian Scholz (the man behind all the audiovisual and Open Space/barcamp initiatives), Thomas Waldmann (for helping us with the Wiki), Zachary Voase (for the EuroPython logo), Dinu Gherman (for the badge designs), Carsten Rebbien, Lennart Regebro, Marius Gedminas, Dalius Dobravolskas, Žygimantas Bruzgys, Harald Armin Massa, Zeth Green, Alex Willmer, Ciaran Mooney, Nick Booker, Samuele Pedroni, Steve Alexander, Kit Blake, Christian Theune, Jonathan Fine, David Boddie, and some special local assistance from a somewhat reluctant organiser.

It’s very possible that someone has surely been forgotten in the above list. For that I apologise and promise to add any name that should have been there.

Thanks for supporting EuroPython!


EuroPython 2008: End of Online Registration Approaching!

There are only a few more days of online registration left for EuroPython 2008: the last day will be Monday 30th June; after that date the full “on the door” rate applies. See the following page for more details:

Act quickly and book your place now for a respectable discount! See you in Vilnius!

EuroPython 2008 Timetable Published

The conference timetable for EuroPython 2008 has now been published, describing the talk and activity schedule for the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of the conference week. The authors of the accepted talk proposals should now have received notifications from those organisers responsible for talks and scheduling.

This year’s schedule includes a significant Jython presence, with talks, tutorials and a panel covering the technology, applications and the road ahead for the project. Once again, Web and Internet technologies are well represented, with distributed computing being an emerging topic this time around. Not to be outdone, representatives of the PyPy project will be on hand to describe the current state of their work.

Visit the following page for full details of the timetable:

Registration for the conference is still open. Visit the online booking form to reserve your place:

See you in Vilnius!

Keynote Speakers at EuroPython 2008

At last, we are now able to confirm the EuroPython 2008 keynote speakers. It should come as no surprise to many that Guido van Rossum – Python’s “benevolent dictator for life” – will be making a keynote appearance, as is now customary at the EuroPython conference. Our other keynote speaker is perhaps more familiar to other audiences: Hans Rosling is professor of International Health at Karolinska Institutet and co-founder of Gapminder Foundation, and is known for his “humorous, yet deadly serious” award-winning lectures on economic, social and environmental issues.

Extension of the Talk Submissions Period for EuroPython 2008

The original deadline for submitting talk proposals for EuroPython 2008 passed on Thursday, and so far we’ve had quite a few submissions. We would, however, like to see a few more! So, we have now decided to give all potential submitters some more time to put together proposals and send them in for consideration. As always, the EuroPython organisers realise that the deadlines we’ve set aren’t always compatible with everyone’s personal schedule.

What this means is that anyone who had considered making a talk proposal but then found themselves short of time before last Thursday can now aim for the new deadline of Monday 2nd June – there’s even a weekend before the deadline for anyone needing “quiet time” to sketch out their proposal! Remember that we’re only looking for proposals at this point, not the entire talk or materials, although we obviously expect those things to be ready for the conference. 😉

Take a look at the Call for Participation for all the details:

Or go straight to the page for talk submissions:

We look forward to seeing your proposals!

Registration for EuroPython 2008 is Now Open!

At last, registration for EuroPython 2008 is now open! Take a look at the registration page on the EuroPython Web site for full details:

The usual generous discount on fees is offered for registrations made up until 31st May. Don’t forget to check the calendar for other important deadlines:

We look forward to seeing you in Vilnius!